How Healthcare Systems Can Attract & Retain Top Millennial Nursing Talent

WRITTEN BY: Aramark Healthcare Team

The healthcare workforce is changing with nurses both retiring and entering the healthcare sector. Now, more than ever, employers need to make modifications to hire and retain the new wave of millennial nurses.

Millennial nurses are looking for workplace flexibility and innovation. Additionally, millennials are looking for tasty meal options to keep them fueled for their shifts. Plus, an estimated 87 percent of consumers are trying to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle, which calls for healthier meal options to be added to the dining menu.

By adapting to the needs of millennial nurses, healthcare systems can create a better environment for employees while retaining today’s top talent.

Discover the benefits of giving your healthcare facility dining options a facelift in the infographic below.

For a PDF version of the infographic, click here.


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