The Patient Journey at a Glance

WRITTEN BY: Aramark Healthcare Team

Patient satisfaction is important at every stage of their stay. One negative experience can change how a patient enjoys their stay, regardless of the care they were given.

Patients not only expect great clinical quality, but they also expect good meals during their stay. In fact, an estimated 64 percent of patients look forward to mealtime. By offering fresh, creative meals that evade the hospital food stereotype, healthcare systems can create a positive experience for patients.

Additionally, patients are looking to be treated well by hospital staff while also feeling comfortable in their room. Providing a clean environment, friendly staff and comfortable visitor space can be key factors in creating a great stay for every patient.

Discover how to provide a five-star stay below in this fact-filled infographic.

For a PDF version of the infographic, click here.

The Patient Journey Infographic

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