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When you partner with Aramark Healthcare+ for facilities management, you gain much more than just our expertise. You also gain the benefits of FacilityFit Pro, today's leading multi-service support solution. This Integrated Service Information System can revolutionize every aspect of managing and maintaining your healthcare organization’s space and assets.

FacilityFit Pro is a fully integrated information and management platform covering critical areas of healthcare facilities performance — from space management to employee productivity optimization — for every department all from one platform.

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FacilityFit Pro helps your team be:

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Service delivery focused

Ensures standardized processes for environmental services, maintenance and operations, patient transport, patient throughput, bed management, training documentation and other facilities management services.

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Patient experience driven

Enables faster, more efficient and consistent service delivery of functions that touch patients every day, like room cleaning, heating and cooling, and building maintenance.

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Point of Care ready

FacilityFit Pro brings leading-edge innovations to the point of care on mobile devices, traditional workstations or call center environments, linking facilities management team members to the platform.

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Drives efficiency, productivity, predictability and profitability.

FacilityFit Pro Ecosystem

FacilityFit Pro is essentially a ‘nerve center’ that integrates multiple facilities management modules into one user-friendly system. Unlike traditional CMMS or medical information systems, it delivers the data and technical infrastructure that is unique to healthcare facilities’ critical functions. Administrators gain the transparency, financial security, and control essential for success.
This powerful tool can help standardize facility service delivery, pinpoint capital planning needs, save money, optimize performance, standardize regulatory compliance, drive patient satisfaction outcomes and more.

The FacilityFit Pro Ecosystem

An integrated information & management
Operations data
Mobile workload balancer
QA/QC Inspections
Mobile quality control
Prioritizing Patients
Bed Cleaning
Mobile patient
Labor productivity
Patient Transport
Patient flow controller
Equipment maintenance
Equipment Lifecycle
Space Management
Space inventory tracker
Dashboard &
KPI tracker

FacilityFit Pro Helps Overcome Modern Healthcare Challenges

See how one platform can help your healthcare system or hospital overcome some of the most difficult challenges.


Operations data manager

FacilityFit Pro’s robust administrative capabilities support on-demand access to the right data.  Improve productivity levels and efficiency through the following:

  • pre-populated variables for quick installation
  • data variables to be tailored to your unique operation

dashboard and KPI reporting for clear performance management


Mobile workload balancer

EVS schedules often overlap, are delayed, or may even be missed.  All negatively impact response times and throughput. FacilityFit Pro delivers a wide range of scheduling capabilities that balance and adjust workloads in real-time, including:

  • Allows views of schedule performance across entire facility
  • Reallocates resources in real-time to meet demands
  • Quickly balances schedules for greater efficiency
  • Tracks task completion time for continuous improvement
  • Captures service requests via mobile app, public work order link, call center or email


Space inventory tracking

Having easy access to space dimensions and contents improves space analysis and utilization capabilities. Avoid wasted resources, higher costs, and lost opportunities. FacilityFit Pro delivers key features that support optimize space management:

  • Stores dimensions, contents, and features of all rooms and spaces
  • Calculates staffing requirements for routine cleaning
  • Applies data intelligence to developing accurate labor models
  • Balances workloads for specialized cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Tracks task completion status and history

Communicates with other Aramark systems, like AIWX(TM) Connect


Mobile quality control

As healthcare regulations become more complicated and numerous, avoiding high penalties requires a commitment to quality control and assurance. FacilityFit Pro delivers quality control with a range of capabilities:

  • Uses mobile platform for QA/QCinspections by managers and supervisors
  • Accepts prompted or spontaneous inspection options
  • Tracks and logs QA/QC data for regulatory requirements


Dashboard and KPI tracker

Healthcare administrators need to stay abreast of operations in real-time, including work completion rates, throughput efficiency, cleaning efficiency, safety performance, work history, response times, labor utilization and financial efficiency. The robust reporting capabilities in FacilityFit Pro deliver optimal reporting in an easy-to-use dashboard, featuring:

  • Reports generation across all functions
  • An operating dashboard to evaluate metrics in real-time
  • Insights for accurate decision making
  • Operations and Maintenance overview


Equipment maintenance system

Robust asset management prevents losses and ensure every asset is optimally managed — and available for critical use. FacilityFit Pro protects investments in equipment and asset management. Features include:

  • Preventive and predictive equipment maintenance tracking
  • Maintenance scheduling for assets such as boilers, chillers, lighting and more
  • Asset repair history and equipment use to assist with replacement planning and tracking

Rapid response enablement for emergent structural repair needs, like water leaks or unsafe flooring


Mobile patient throughput

Patient turnover times can be challenged by multiple variables — from the facility’s communication system to the cleaning protocol. FacilityFit Pro actively manages bed cleaning scheduling.  Improve patient throughput using these features:

  • Patient dischargetracking across the facility with real-time room cleaning prioritization
  • Automated work requests and fulfillment for cleaning associates
  • Instant notifications when rooms are ready for new patients


Patient flow controller

When patients are not efficiently transported, the result can be patient flow chaos and a poor patient experience. FacilityFit Pro optimizes patient flow coordination with several critical features, including:

  • Central transportation hub for patient transport scheduling
  • Detailed patient transport request tracking
  • Dispatch transport associates tracking and timelines
  • Coordination oftransport for lab specimens and medical supplies to patient units


Labor productivity optimizer

Without strong labor productivity optimization, including robust employee training programs, both the healthcare entity and workers can become overburdened and frustrated. FacilityFit Pro delivers a human resource tool that optimizes labor productivity with capabilities, including:

  • Trackingassociates’ training requirements, history and completion status
  • Inventories for employees’ career management activities
  • Tracking individual associate recognition history
  • Enablingusers to create work schedules


Processing and Tracking Requests

To complete work orders, it is imperative to track assets, parts, people and budgets. It is perhaps more important to systematically track these elements to minimize asset downtime, protecting your people, patients and bottom line.

  • Manage work requests for EVS and Maintenance
  • Capture total costs
  • Electronic eScheduler
  • Create, edit, and balance optimum staff schedules


Connecting Patient Satisfaction and Nurse Engagement

Through insight-driven data, FacilityFitPro monitors satisfaction levels and enables on-the-ground teams to take proactive steps that elevate the patient experience, while supporting nurse engagement and enablement.

  • Gauge the impact of support services on patient experience and satisfaction scores
  • Take proactive measures to deliver optimal patient experiences
  • Address patients’ needs before discharge
  • Analyze patient feedback data by actionable indicators
  • Gain vital insight to enhance programs and services

See what the power of this unique platform brings to the management of your healthcare facility.

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