7 Innovative Technologies
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Transforming Hospital
Environmental Services
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Protect patients and improve operational efficiency with exceptional technology, expertise, innovation and service.

The healthcare facility environment plays a significant role in preventing the spread of infection, improving clinical outcomes and elevating the patient experience. Tremendous strides are being made every day in the advancement of technologies, solutions and processes for safeguarding patients and improving operations.

As a leader in environmental services (EVS), Aramark Healthcare+ partners with over 8,000 hospitals worldwide and spearheads excellence in healthcare settings. With an unwavering commitment to science-based innovation, operational efficiency, and sustainability, Aramark Healthcare+ ensures environments are conducive to healing and recovery while driving measurable operational and financial improvements for the institutions we serve.

From leveraging digital dashboards that help manage daily and on-demand tasks to bringing in autonomous cleaning robots, we are staying ahead of advancements in EVS solutions ensuring that healthcare facilities remain at the forefront of delivering exceptional care. Here are the top seven innovations transforming hospital environmental services right now.

Cleaning Robots

Autonomous cleaning robots are likely one of the first things that come to mind when picturing the future of EVS. They represent a milestone advancement in floor cleaning.

These mobile robots navigate through healthcare facilities and hospitals, disinfecting surfaces and eliminating pathogens. Their remarkable efficiency reduces the need for manual labor and ensures consistent cleaning protocols that safeguard patient health.

Aramark Healthcare+’s partnership with Nilfisk provides access to autonomous cleaning robots that:

  • Adjust in real-time to route changes and obstacles
  • Prevent unauthorized intervention with user-access configuration
  • Leave floors spotless and dry to reduce high-traffic slip risks
Autonomous cleaning robot
mobile robots will be deployed in brick-and-mortar establishments by 2025
(ABI Research)
UV cleaning solution in hospital room


UV-C technology is a powerful tool in the fight against infectious pathogens, reducing contamination and variability in disinfection practices.

It uses a type of germicidal UV light, meaning it kills or inactivates dangerous microorganisms by damaging their DNA – so bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are unable to reproduce. Aramark Healthcare+’s technology includes Tru-D SmartUVC and Moonbeam3, disinfecting surfaces, room furnishings and equipment in as little as three minutes.

UV-C cleaning solutions can kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.

Fluorescent Gel

Cleaning validation and monitoring is a critical part of infection prevention efforts in healthcare settings. It’s the best way to objectively measure the thoroughness and consistency of cleaning practices on critical areas and high-touch surfaces.

Fluorescent gel monitoring removes the guesswork from cleaning validation. In partnership with Ecolab, Aramark Healthcare+ uses the DAZO® Fluorescent Marking Gel and Flashlight to objectively measure cleaning outcomes.

Fluorescent gel monitoring is easy to use and improves cleaning outcomes by validating the effectiveness of cleaning efforts with immediate, objective feedback.

Cleaning hospital bed with black light
  1. The clear fluorescent marker gel is applied to high-touch surfaces and other areas prior to cleaning.
  2. An EVS associate conducts a deep clean per a standardized process. 
  3. Using a black light, the associate assesses the area that was cleaned and easily identifies spots that may have been missed or inadequately sanitized.
Healthcare worker wiping down hospital room

Data-Driven Quality
Assurance Programs

Cleaning and disinfection technology plays a big part in elevating EVS, but it’s not the only innovation in the industry.

A comprehensive, data-driven Quality Assurance Program, like the one created in partnership between Aramark Healthcare+ and Ecolab, has a major impact on enhancing overall cleanliness and safety in healthcare settings.

It’s a proven strategy to monitor and standardize processes in ways that drive measurable improvements. The Quality Assurance Program involves:

Products — Using the right products supports daily disinfection and proactive intervention against viruses and bacteria, including C. diff, while also helping decrease room turnover time and reduce waste.
Processes — Standardized excellence starts with hands-on-training and personally delivered, on-site service.
Practices — Objective validation of thorough cleaning combined with actionable insights and digital dashboards.

The result is sustainable performance with measurable improvements in clinical, operational and financial metrics.

Real-Time Scheduling
Management Tools

People power efficient, successful operations and services. And real-time facilities scheduling management tools support those people to do their best work.

Integrated information and management platform solutions, such as Aramark’s FacilityFit Pro, streamline scheduling and task management — no matter how complex.

From space management to employee productivity optimization, using a multi-service support solution improves:

  • Service delivery and patient throughput
  • The patient experience and satisfaction
  • Point of care readiness and regulatory compliance
  • The organization’s bottom line and profitability

Using an eScheduler enhances the patient experience by efficiently managing daily tasks, recording cleaning productivity, and ensuring thoroughness in cleaning protocols. This leads to reduced wait times and timely responsiveness to cleaning requests.

Cleaning a light switch
FacilityFit Pro is trusted by
U.S. healthcare systems to manage:
per year
rooms cleaned
per year
Healthcare working using AIWX Connect app

Smart Spaces
and IoT Intelligence

Smart spaces, systems and services are the future of EVS, enabling significant cost savings without compromising on quality — all while better meeting patient needs.

Harnessing the power of IoT networks and sensors through a platform like Aramark’s AIWXTM Connect revolutionizes environmental services management. The data-driven intelligence informs demand-driven cleaning schedules, strategic energy management and enhanced service response.

  • Optimized resource allocation: Real-time occupancy data and service  requests ensure the efficient use of staff and resources for cleaning tasks.
  • Prevention of service disruptions: Proactively identifying and addressing  potential issues helps avoid otherwise disruptive service breakdowns and  maintain uninterrupted operations.
  • Energy savings: Smarter heating and cooling management, combined  with real-time insights into building performance, leads to substantial  energy savings while maintaining optimal environmental conditions.
  • Increased visibility to traffic flow: Services can be optimized based on  real-time insights and trending data for better decision-making.

Optimized EVS management reduces costs and enhances operational efficiency while ensuring a clean, safe and welcoming environment for patients and other building occupants.

Powerful Partnerships
With Industry Leaders

Long gone are the days of doing everything in-house or alone. In environmental services, tapping into the power of partnerships is instrumental in driving improvements and results.

Working with an integrated facilities management partner like Aramark Healthcare+ opens doors to collaborative efforts that leverage industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge solutions. For one, it provides access to a host of integrated services including operations, maintenance, energy management, strategic planning, workplace experience and more.

In addition, it allows institutions to tap into first-of-its-kind collaborations between Aramark Healthcare+ and industry leaders like Ecolab for a comprehensive suite of solutions that mitigate infection risks, optimize cleaning protocols and safeguard patients on a daily basis.

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Innovation in hospital EVS is essential for safeguarding patient safety, enhancing clinical outcomes and protecting institutional margins. Stay at the forefront of delivering exceptional care with a comprehensive, tech-forward approach that makes hospitals cleaner and safer for everyone.


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