Why Children’s Hospitals Trust Aramark Healthcare+

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An Extension of Your Team to

Provide Care with Compassion While Enhancing the Patient, Caregiver and Visitor Satisfaction

Children’s hospital administrators tackle a wide range of clinical issues every day — from staffing shortages to mental health issues increasing —and you do it with a smile on your face to ensure even the tiniest patients feel safe and secure. Let Aramark Healthcare+ turn that smile into actual joy by providing support services that enhance the patient experience and creates a culture of total wellbeing and family centered care.

Aramark Healthcare+ contains an implicit commitment to our clients. We will go above and beyond to ensure your hospital provides your pediatric patients, caregivers and families with a dining service program that delivers tasty, healthy meals; an EVS team that ensures a safe, clean environment where children can feel comfortable healing; and facilities expertise that harnesses your space’s potential.

We are an extension of your caregiving team at every level — from improving everyday moments to planning future-forward innovations.

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Who is Aramark Healthcare+?

Aramark Healthcare+ is a premier healthcare dining and facilities partner.  Aramark Healthcare+ has been meeting the needs of healthcare providers throughout North America for decades. Today, we serve over 300 healthcare organizations with industry-leading expertise and data-driven transformations. Our dining services teams are renowned for creating state of the art programs geared toward pediatric patients and those who care for them that enhance their healing and fuel their everyday. From specifically designed dining venues to inspiring menus, our dining services both delight and satisfy caregivers, families, and patients—from toddlers to teens and everyone in between.

Our deep expertise in environmental services, energy management, plant engineering and maintenance, patient transport, and bed management assures the children’s hospital’s physical infrastructure enhances clinical services. Our experienced, comprehensive approach provides administrators peace of mind, knowing their most valuable assets—human and physical—are well-managed and positive pediatric patient outcomes are always a priority.

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A Peek Into Pediatrics


GEN Z 1,2,3

say they at least generally eat healthy
avoid at least one food allergen
limit consumption of animal products
stay up late due to stress
are more likely vs. other generations to say their mental health has worsened vs. pre-pandemic

GEN ALPHA4 0-12 years old

think it's important to learn about what's going on in the world
say talking about current events makes them concerned about the future
aren't afraid to share their opinion if they disagree with someone
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  2. USAToday Gen Z May Be Most Creative Yet, 2020
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What Makes Aramark Healthcare+ Different?


IMPACT — Patients focus on healing, not on complaints.

While parents are most focused on increasing their children’s intake of fresh fruit, chicken, and veggies, nearly half admit5 their children are picky eaters. In our mission to redefine the healthcare experience for pediatric patients, we offer powerful clinical nutrition, feel-good foods and friendly smiles. 

For example, our Little Chef Series, a limited-time-offering program that provides rotating, seasonal menus each month, helps patients look forward to mealtime—a welcome distraction from a long-term hospital stay. 

Our hospitality mindset means inpatient and outpatient dining solutions are personalized, scalable and focused on satisfaction. Our team of chefs and 600+ dietitians ensures that patient menus meet prescribed clinical needs while offering comforting dishes and tasteful presentations. By combining hospitality, science and culinary expertise, we effortlessly create dining environments where both patients and caregivers can relax, recharge and recover.

5 https://reportpro.datassential.com/details/12637

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IMPACT — Meet the dynamic changes coming to healthcare.

Aramark Healthcare+ provides healthcare teams experienced EVS professionals who work to reduce healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs), improve caregiver morale and deliver higher patient satisfaction. Our healthcare experts’ knowledge, innovative spirit and strategic thinking all contribute to developing a high-impact, customized program for every children’s hospital. Our innovative approach uncovers new ways to maximize cost-savings, while supporting the highest levels of pediatric patient care and positive outcomes.

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IMPACT — Achieve wellness, safety and peace of mind of those we serve and remove excess burdens from caregivers to mitigate burnout. Through our passion for hospitality, we deliver the following advantages:
Partnership with Patient Engagement Advisors.

This enables us to positively impact the social determinants of health and readmission rates, including:

  • Economic stability
  • Healthcare quality
  • Social and community context
  • Neighborhood and environment
  • Education access and quality
Work with the American Heart Association.

Together, we help empower healthier lives in the locations we serve and through innovative community health programs nationwide.

Through our health-focused initiative, we work to create positive impacts for people and the planet alongside the healthcare organizations we serve. Our strategy accelerates our sustainability efforts and aligns with our vision for our future: To enable equity and wellbeing for millions and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Elevating the Patient Experience with Healthcare Plus Solutions Group.

Through an exclusive partnership with Quint Studer and Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, we have created a standardized training method to produce consistently successful outcomes in engaging the total patient journey.

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We see ourselves as a component of the caregiving team. We believe we are all caregivers under Aramark Healthcare+ and are ready to stand with our hospital partners to provide proven tailored solutions to promote the total wellbeing of everyone we serve. We are better together.”

Bart Kaericher
President and CEO, Aramark Healthcare+

Solutions from Aramark Healthcare+

Our focus is on the total wellbeing of every child, caregiver, and family we serve.
Our team of specialists bring these key values to every partnership:

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Expert Dietary Guidance

What we bring to the table: World-class dietitians who understand children’s needs and preferences

We leverage the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics standards to create nutritional meal options customized for age, region and health restrictions. Our team of chefs and 600+ dietitians create and deliver nutrition-focused and satisfying meal options that delight patients and help aid in faster recovery. We offer 20 different diets based on age and therapeutic needs.

75% of parents agree their children enjoy global cuisines like Mexican, Chinese and Thai1

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Tech-Enabled Ordering & Delivery

What we bring to the table: Innovations that facilitate ordering, personalization, and payment

Fast, 24/7 service is critical for busy hospital staff members. Mobile ordering, kiosks and unmanned point-of-sales can speed up service delivery, so staff get their food faster and have more time to rest and recharge.

Food Service delivery carts outfitted with cartoon wraps brighten patients’ and families’ spirits during tray delivery time.

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Research & Insights

What we bring to the table: Higher customer satisfaction, positive feedback and increased revenue

Our “Your Voice Counts” consumer feedback tool, national dining trends and industry insights from our national nursing survey inform our ability to create innovative dining solutions that leave a positive impact on the dining experiences of patients, staff and visitors alike.

This extends outside your hospital walls, as we help you address social determinants of health through our programs for care navigation, fulfillment and logistics and assistance within the community. 

Our national survey helps define Aramark’s approach to providing speed-of-service solutions and expanded menu variety and ordering convenience.

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Safe, Clean Spaces

What we bring to the table: Improved patient experience through the physical environment

With the increase in respiratory illnesses among children putting a strain on hospitals, we maintain a relentless focus on reducing airborne and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) through innovative air filtration, cleaning technologies and standardized staff training. Patient room sanitizing, modern cleaning equipment and proven approaches are only part of the solution. Extensive training of staff on equipment and process is continuously reinforced to deliver a repeatable outcome. Our approach delivers a healthy environment and efficient turnover of beds for new admissions.

In keeping with the desire to create a more engaging environment for children, Aramark helps soften the clinical atmosphere of a hospital by wrapping its floor care machines with a cartoon character and colorful imagery designed to put a smile on a child’s face. “Rex”, for example, depicts a smiling dinosaur with a mop and bucket, ready to clean. The inviting and imaginative wrap helps create an environment of comfort and joy in the pediatric healing process.

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Integrated Service Delivery

What we bring to the table:A single source for all facilities management and support needs across your system

We provide a single source for all facilities’ needs—from environmental services, operations, maintenance, central transportation, energy management and more. FacilityFit Pro, a fully integrated information and management platform uses powerful insights to impact critical areas of healthcare facilities performance — from space management to employee productivity optimization — for every department, all from one platform.

Our revolutionary AIWX™ Connect system solves for the variables of knowing when, where and, most importantly, how to allocate resources to the most needed areas, based on actual demand.

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Revenue Growth

What we bring to the table: An impact on the bottom line

With our focus on healthier dining services, cleaner spaces and integrated services, our healthcare partners see significant increases in patient satisfaction scores and revenue growth. For example, children’s hospitals across the country have provided better self-care for caregivers, and enhanced their bottom lines, by providing 24/7 service through our brands, including: 

  • Quick Eats
  • Restaurant Rotation
  • Cobotics
  • Local Restaurant Row
  • Automatic Eats
  • Bean Sprouts
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Children’s Hospital of Alabama

With help from its longtime partner, Aramark Healthcare+, Children’s Hospital of Alabama implemented new programs that helped the hospital achieve quick wins within just a few months, including:

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  • Increasing patient satisfaction metrics by 5% after implementing new pediatric menu and room service
  • Improving patient/visitor/nurse satisfaction with café dining innovations
  • Meeting or exceeding patient satisfaction metrics in cleanliness 7 out of 8 times

How We Can Help Your Children’s Hospital

To deliver optimal performance in this healthcare environment and maintain agility during times of change, you need a dining services partner that acts as an extension of your team at every level — from everyday moments to future-forward innovations.

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