Why Ambulatory Care Sites Choose Aramark Healthcare+

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Aramark Healthcare+ is an extension of your team, strengthening your services for patients, visitors and caregivers to create a truly exceptional care environment.

Healthcare spaces are evolving rapidly, with cost-conscious and experience-focused patients increasingly choosing outpatient ambulatory care sites for treatments and procedures. With this shift come new challenges and opportunities. 

Aramark Healthcare+ provides proven solutions, technical expertise and innovative thinking to help you meet today’s changing medical landscape. Our commitment to ensuring safe, clean environments and seamless operations improves patient outcomes, increases caregivers’ job satisfaction and provides peace of mind to healthcare administrators.  

Trends in Ambulatory Care Across the U.S.

ASC market valued at

$ 34.8 b
in 20211

60 %

of surgeries in the U.S. are performed at ASCs.1
Expected to grow to

$ 58.6 b by 20301

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Who Is Aramark Healthcare+?

Aramark Healthcare+ is the leading EVS and facilities management partner for healthcare organizations, serving more than 1,000 ambulatory care sites across North America in addition to hospitals and other medical centers.

Our decades-long experience is combined with data-driven insights for a comprehensive approach to enhancing patient care and supporting ambulatory care facilities with industry-leading solutions.

Aramark has long been recognized as the trusted leader in the hospitality industry, with a history tracing back to 1936. Our solutions are scalable and focused on creating comfortable, appealing environments so patients can focus on healing and healthcare professionals can focus on caregiving.

Aramark Healthcare+

Ambulatory Care Site Solutions

From everyday moments to future-forward innovations, we deliver operational
excellence in all our environmental services and facilities management solutions.

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Environmental Services

We prioritize health through clean, safe environments that protect your patients and caregivers. 

Aramark Healthcare+ is committed to decreasing the risk of airborne viruses and healthcare-associated infections, in addition to improving patients’ overall physical comfort and experience. 

Our innovative cleaning technologies use real-time building intelligence to boost cleanliness and satisfaction while maximizing resource allocation. Our employee development and training techniques help retain staff and ensure consistency in sanitization levels. And our systematic and standardized approach to creating safe, healthy spaces ensures a positive physical environment for patients and staff alike. 

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Operations & Maintenance

Our integrated service delivery provides unparalleled resources, expertise and solutions for all your facilities’ needs in one single source of support. From strategic operations planning to data-driven maintenance solutions, Aramark Healthcare+ addresses each challenge with a proven approach to excellence and optimization. 

Flexible, demand-driven services are paired with the deep technical expertise delivered by the Aramark Engineering Solutions team to solve for complex operating challenges.

What Makes Aramark
Healthcare+ Different?

We don’t just manage your ambulatory care facilities, we partner with you to deliver measurable outcomes that exceed expectations. Aramark Healthcare+ offers proven solutions and cutting-edge innovations that prioritize your patients, caregivers and visitors.

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A partnership with us means:
  • A single point of contact with a trusted partner
  • Standardization and consistent quality across your portfolio of sites
  • Robust regulatory and contract compliance
  • A recognized culture of caring and a people-first approach
  • Increased purchasing power and financial improvements
  • A strengthened ambulatory brand experience

People-First Approach
With Data-Backed Insights

IMPACT — Improve on-site experiences with leading-edge research and a hospitality mindset.

The patient experience is more important than ever, especially in the shift towards outpatient care, and we bring a people-first approach to all our services. Aramark Healthcare+ services boost patient and staff satisfaction scores by using real-time data and insights to identify areas of improvement with the most impact. 

The Aramark Patient Experience (PX) Assessment Tool, for instance, helps healthcare organizations measure improvements and determines areas to proactively improve patient satisfaction, leading to significant improvements in the overall on-premise experience. Our national nurses survey and roundtable, as another example, generate insights into healthcare challenges and employee engagement strategies that can help you recruit and retain top talent.

Our persistent focus on decreasing the risk of airborne viruses and healthcare- associated infections (HAIs) through stringent protocols and standardized training ensure patient and caregiver safety. 

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Business Intelligence for Smarter Ambulatory Care Sites

IMPACT — Make data-driven decisions that improve services and reduce operating costs.

Data-driven business intelligence reduces operational risks and lowers maintenance costs while creating better care environments for patients.

Innovative technology like Aramark’s AIWX™ Connect helps you create those safer, smarter environments by drawing together a suite of business intelligence and real-time data tools.  A wide range of IoT room sensors and monitors give you unprecedented, actionable insights into everything from demand-driven cleaning to indoor air quality monitoring.  

Similarly, our fully integrated information and management system FacilityFit Pro draws on powerful insights to revolutionize every aspect of managing your space and assets. The platform integrates multiple facilities management modules into one user-friendly interface to combat modern healthcare challenges like staffing shortages, financial stressors, quality control and space inventory tracking.  

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Innovations That Create
Safer, Cleaner Environments

IMPACT — Surpass sanitation expectations through tech-backed improvements.

Our commitment to continuous innovation drives improvements that create healthier environments. We help you leverage the latest tools to operate more efficiently, while providing safer and more sanitary environments for your occupants. 

Our tech-forward solutions, such as autonomous cleaning services, nanotechnology-based sanitization, HEPA and MERV grade air filtration, and UltraViolet light (UV-C) disinfection, are specifically designed to fit the needs of your ambulatory care site. 

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Trusted Partner With Deep Experience

IMPACT — Access to cutting-edge advancements to meet the dynamic changes and emerging trends in healthcare.

Aramark isn’t just a trusted leader in the healthcare space. Our end-to-end environmental services and facilities management expertise spans industries, giving us thorough insight into market advancements and emerging trends from all angles. Our partnerships with other experts in the industry, like Provista, further help you operate at the forefront of exceptional healthcare while optimizing purchasing power.

A partnership with Aramark Healthcare+ brings a breadth and depth of experience that elevates your patient experience, creates positive impacts for your staff and improves your bottom line.


How We Can Help Your Ambulatory Care Site

Aramark Healthcare+ is the trusted partner of hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country – where we deliver operational excellence in environmental and facilities management services. 

Our healthcare partners enjoy higher patient satisfaction, improved employee satisfaction, greater regulatory compliance, a stronger brand reputation and better financial health. 

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